Born into the family of textiles, I always had a keen interest in color combinations, the kind of clothes being worn, and the material of the bedspreads.

All my inspiration towards hard work, continuously serving the home industry with the best of the products at the best possible prices has come from my Father. He has always worked with a single motto, keep giving the best products to your customers at fair prices. Continuing his legacy, our motto is – “To produce beautiful home furnishing products at fair prices and foster sustainable living”

A Chartered Accountant by profession and 2 years in Deloitte, everyone was little shocked but welcoming for my little plan.

Covid-19 happened and derailed my plans for a couple of months. It had been a dismaying wait for the entrepreneur in me.

Nevertheless, I proudly present to you Livingo India

Livingo India commits itself to Made-In-India products. It’s our little support to the 2000-year-old rich legacy of Indian Handlooms.

From the Founder’s diary
– Shruti Agarwal

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